Nisheeth Nirjhum Proshanti


Nisheeth Nirjhum Proshanti started dancing at the age of seven in Dhaka city in Bangladesh.  She started off with learning Bengali folk dance but soon after she started learning Kathak from one of the most prestigious Kathak dancer of Bangladesh Shibley Mohammed who was a student Pandit Birju Mahraj.  After receiving the stepping stone to the world of Kathak through her first Guru Shibley Mohammed she moved to Toronto with her family and was lucky enough to be introduced to one of the most gracious and sensational Kathak dancer of all time, Rina Singha.  Rina Singha gave a new face to the understanding of Kathak dance to Nirjhum and helped her develop as a kathak dancer on a great level.  Rina Singha helped Nirjhum gain maturity as a Kathak dancer through her precise and keen conceptualization of Kathak dance, and Nirjhum was thrilled to work with Rina and perform at the 2012 Kathak Mahotsav Canada.

Nirjhum explored her passion for dance through not only Kathak but Bharatnattyam as well.  She has studied Bharatnattyam and worked in many productions of Meneka Thakkar Dance Company, founded by Meneka Thakkar.  Through dedicated training in Bharatnatyyam, Meneka Thakkarji helped her reach a realization that she is a dancer with versatility.  Nirjhum is very appreciative of the opportunities and inspirations that her Gurus have gifted her and is hopeful of their best wishes.