Farzana Aluddin is an aspiring company dancer of Panwar Music and Dance. Involved with dance from the age of five, one of the first and most influential people in her dancing career was Aruna Haider at Shukanya Nrityangan, where she received academic training in Bengali folk dance. After succeeding in numerous local dance competitions and completing her graduation from the Shukanya Nrityangon in 2009, Farzana joined the well-renowned Kathak dance establishment – Panwar Music and Dance. As a humble student of Guru Hemant Panwar and Vaishali Panwar, Farzana has travelled toáLondon and Thunder Bay to participate in various events. She was also a part of “Shakuntala”, a major dance-drama production of Panwar Music and Dance that was staged at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts in August 2013. In her association with Panwar company as a Kathak dancer, Farzana has rediscovered dancing as a way of expressions, meanings, and often, as a way of life.