Past Events

Kathak Mahotsav Canada 

Part of Harbourfront Centre’s NextSteps 

Kathak Mahotsav Canada is an annual festival of Kathak dance presented by Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization, as part of Harbourfront Centre’s NextSteps. The festival is modelled after the springtime “Durbars” of the Moghul courts, and is a gathering of Canadian Kathak artists showcasing the adaptability and relevance of classical Kathak styles, from temple origins to the present. The festival showcases performances by prominent Canadian and international Kathak artists.

Kathak Mahotsav 2012

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Highlights from Kathak Mahotsav Canada 2011

Kathak Performance by Parul Gupta at Kathak Mahotsav Canada 2011.

Guru Rajendra Gangani’s performance at Kathak Mahotsav Canada 2011.