Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization

Founded in 1992, Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization (RSKDO) furthers Artistic Director Rina Singha’s vision of sharing the lyrical beauty, subtleties, and narrative elements that distinguish Kathak from other dance forms.

Artistic Director Rina Singha’s extraordinary career as a solo Kathak performer, choreographer and arts educator, spans upwards of five decades. Because of her own experiences as a struggling immigrant artist, Singha has made it her life mission to find ways to cross cultural barriers through targeted initiatives, while sharing the intricacies of her art with Canadian audiences.

In 1979, Singha developed a series of dance-based programs aiming to foster cross cultural understanding, including Dancing Feet and the Children’s Parade of Nations. In 1998 and 2002, RSKDO, in partnership with the Music Gallery, presented the Legacies in Dance Festivals to highlight similarities and differences between Kathak and selected non-western classical dance forms. Since 2008, RSKDO has focused its energy primarily on the annual Kathak Mahotsav Canada.

Recognized as one of Canada’s eminent dance artists, Singha has earned international acclaim and numerous prestigious awards in celebration of her achievements and service to the arts.

“My vision is that the Kathak Mahotsav Canada will eventually become an international event where Kathak artists will gather from around the world, in a glorious celebration of Kathak – an art form that has proven its aesthetic continuity over the centuries along with it’s adaptability and relevance, from the temple precinct to the Moghul courts and now in its global placement. It will also be a tribute to the great masters who illustrated by example that success was the result of a commitment to integrity, excellence and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. I believe in the beauty and transformational power of the classical arts. They have a logic and practical wisdom that is relevant to the needs of today’s society.” – Rina Singha

Kathak Mahostav Canada is generously supported by The Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Click HERE to view the 2016 Festival programming.